Lots of biting and growling....HELP

Hi we have adopted a mini golden doodle. We got her when she was just a little over 8 weeks old. She is now 14 weeks old. WE love her but she seems rather aggresive a lot of the time. She will pass the lay on the back test and rub the tummy. She plays hard and with a lot of biting and growling...even baring teeth. She will also nip at ankels...She will stop and bark and growl at my 5 year old daughter and not back off...I need adivce...we want a great family dog but I'm not sure that is what we have....Any advice would be welcome. She seems smart..been to pet class she can sit and lay on command alardy. I should add we have done the routine when she bites to give her a propper chew toy, we have said no in a deep voice with a pointed finger, clapped loudly, put her in the crate for a short time, snapped her nose shut and said no biting..nothing works.... ( each of these were done for a week or longer befor moving on)