New to site

Hi Everyone!
So glad I found this site. I have a 22 wk old male who is already 50 pounds. Whew...Kit is something. Right now, other than making sure my 3 kids are taken care of, my job is training him. This is my very first dog. I researched breeds carefully before getting him for my family. He could not be more adorable.

He's been quite a nipper. I think that's improving, but I still get frustrated. I think we were over-correcting and maybe not ignoring it enough. His potty training has gone extremely well. He's learned the basic commands, but not as well as I'd like. I wonder if this (command stuff) is puppy or novice owner???

Until about 30 minutes ago, I was seriously ready to buy a muzzle because he won't stop eating leaves & nuts when we take him outside. You may think this is no big deal, but he is recovering from a major tummy issue (diarrhea) that was caused by him EATING STUFF OUTSIDE. Trying to play outside has been absolutely no fun for us. I just took him out with a Frisbee for the first time & played Fetch. OMG...he loved it! I sure hope this is the answer.

We just started puppy classes & are eager to go again tonight. We had to miss last week because of his tummy.

So, if the nipping and outside play improve my family can enjoy this adorable puppy!!! Thank you for your kind responses. :)