New to the site

Hi Fellow Doodle owners!

We havea Black Golden Doodle named Onyx and he is the greatest.
We have two kids ages 9 and 11 and they help with him every day.

I had a poodle growing up and know how intelligent they are. My Husband had a Golden Retriever as a child and so we decided on a Golden Doodle and are very pleased. He is 4 months and already 35 lbs.
Tonight we start puppy training school so i keep posting to let you know how that goes.
He can already sit, lay down, speak and shake. We are working on our walking skills. I purchased a harness and have tried it a couple of times hoping he would leave the leash alone. He always wants to jump up and bite at the leash and not focus on the walk. But i guess he is just being a puppy!
He is an absolute joy and we love him so much. I think they are the best family dogs. And he does not shed! What more could we ask for!