The Time To Procure The Best Dog Insurance Is Not After Your Dog Becomes Seriously Ill Or Is Seriously Injured.

Pet Health Insurance For Cats & Dogs

The time to get the best dog insurance for your pet is before you need it otherwise you may find yourself in the predicament all pet owners dread; being in the position where you have to choose between your finances and your beloved pet’s health care. Our dogs are much loved members of our families; PetCare dog insurance provides us the peace of mind that we will never be faced with making decision about our pet’s based on our financial situation.

What does PetCare Dog Insurance Offer?

PetCare dog insurance enables you to control the risks related to your dog’s medical problems by providing a wide array of not only affordable but highly flexible program options. You are extended the opportunity to cover Dudley the Goldendoodle for accident only or for illness coverage that takes care of anything from routine wellness exams, major surgery and cancer treatment.

Not only do you have a choice of coverage but you have a choice of what you pay out of pocket; for example you can choose from polices that pay 70%-100% which of course affects the amount of your premiums. Essentially PetCare Dog insurance offers the whole gamut of care possibilities for your dog in case of illness or injury. As a result of the coverage you can relax safe in the knowledge that in the event of some disastrous trauma or ailment, Dusty’s treatment will be financially taken care of.

Why has Dog Insurance become such a Big Deal?

Have you checked into the cost of veterinary care for major illness or injury lately? Technology is constantly advancing in animal care and of course, advanced technologies come with a price. As a result, for pretty much anything other than a routine exam or an immunization, veterinary treatment costs have soared.  For example, a recent bill for cancer treatment for a dog totaled $3577.97 and a bill for a dog hit by a car totaled a staggering $4890.00. How many of us could afford that type of bill today? These very real bills are a prime example of why pet insurance has become so popular today.  Just like our own health, we need to protect the health of our pets.

Pet Health Insurance for Cats & Dogs

Are there Enrollment Restrictions?

PetCare Dog Insurance restricts coverage to only those dogs older than 8 weeks and in general, younger than 10 years except for specific breeds who cannot be enrolled if they are older than 8 years of age. Pre-existing conditions including medical conditions, injuries and symptoms that were obvious before enrolling in an insurance plan are excluded for at least 21 days; the exclusion may be permanent or it may only be temporary depending upon the nature of the condition.

Once enrolled can Dudley’s Insurance be Cancelled?

When you enroll Dusty your Goldendoodle into a PetCare Insurance Program she can stay on that program the rest of her life. Only if you fail to pay will she be cancelled.

How to Choose the Right Dog Insurance Program

In order to get the best dog insurance program for your situation there are a few things to take into consideration.

  • Dusty’s age: Is she an extremely active puppy or a mature, couch potato?
  • Her breeding: Since Dusty is a Goldendoodle research health issues known to exist in Golden Retrievers and Poodles for an idea into what possibilities exist due to Dusty’s heredity.
  • Her current health: Is she currently healthy or is she getting up in years and beginning to show signs of stiff joints?
  • Do you live in a rental home: PetCare Dog Insurance offers liability insurance for any damage Dusty may do to the rental home.
  • Is Dusty micro-chipped? PetCare Dog Insurance features a program called EmergencyCare insurance that allows for $3000 emergency coverage in case Dusty becomes lost. With a single call to 24PetWatch the funds are authorized in case she is found ill or injured.

Note: Geriatric dogs have geriatric problems just like geriatric humans. Some day Dusty will become elderly and with PetCare Dog Insurance you can enroll her in a program from age 8 weeks and older that will cover cancer, heart disease, strokes and seizures as well as the more expected types of situations such as lacerations, ingestion of foreign objects, allergies, bone breaks and more.

What makes PetCare Dog Insurance so Great?

PetCare Dog Insurance offers flexible programs and payment plans with premiums that never increase. They feature unlimited lifetime accident coverage and up to $84,000 lifetime illness coverage for your dog, coverage for hereditary diseases (available, not standard) as well as excellent service standards. The additional benefits of prescription food coverage, microchip discounts, boarding kennels fees and trip cancellation insurance make PetCare Dog Insurance the premier pet insurance available today.

Where do I find PetCare Dog Insurance?

Online is where you can easily find PetCare Dog Insurance at to learn more and quickly obtain a quote.

Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!

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