Our first Dood :-)

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We will be getting our first Goldendoodle next month. We are so excited for our new addition! I just wanted to say thank you to all for the posts, as this site has helped me a great deal with my research on the breed. I have found a few bred specific books, but its great to get information straight from doodle owners! We look forward to reading and sharing our family stories with you in the future!
~ London and Family :-)

I love My Goldendoodles.;-)

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Best puppies ever!

New to the site

Hi Fellow Doodle owners!

We havea Black Golden Doodle named Onyx and he is the greatest.
We have two kids ages 9 and 11 and they help with him every day.

I had a poodle growing up and know how intelligent they are. My Husband had a Golden Retriever as a child and so we decided on a Golden Doodle and are very pleased. He is 4 months and already 35 lbs.
Tonight we start puppy training school so i keep posting to let you know how that goes.

He does shed

My goldendoodle sheds.


We are a dog loving family and have been for 40 years. My four children had raised 11 guide dog puppies. It is now time to find a new member to join our family. This time it is necessary to have a dog that does not shed. We would like a puppy at lease 9 months old, or older. we think. We would like a medim to large size dog. A male if spaded very early. Other than that we are open. We do have cats and a German Shepard who get along great.

Thanks Angie and crew

New Goldendoodle owners

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We will be picking up our new puppy the first week of December. I am so excited! We have narrowed our choice to three puppies in the litter, but haven't decided which one we will take home with us yet! Two are male, one female. I am kinda torn between male and female since I have ever had female dogs.

We picked up our doodle when she was 7 wks old. She is now 15 wks old, shed like you wouldn't believe and her coat isn't curly. I am wondering if she will grow out of that. If she doesn't - we will have her fixed.

New to site

Hi Everyone!
So glad I found this site. I have a 22 wk old male who is already 50 pounds. Whew...Kit is something. Right now, other than making sure my 3 kids are taken care of, my job is training him. This is my very first dog. I researched breeds carefully before getting him for my family. He could not be more adorable.

Lots of biting and growling....HELP

Hi we have adopted a mini golden doodle. We got her when she was just a little over 8 weeks old. She is now 14 weeks old. WE love her but she seems rather aggresive a lot of the time. She will pass the lay on the back test and rub the tummy. She plays hard and with a lot of biting and growling...even baring teeth. She will also nip at ankels...She will stop and bark and growl at my 5 year old daughter and not back off...I need adivce...we want a great family dog but I'm not sure that is what we have....Any advice would be welcome.

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