Becomming a goldendoodle owner at the end of August, 20ll.

We're going to have a new addition to the family at the end of August. His name will be Max and he's a mini goldendoodle. We are first time dog owners, but fell in love with our son's goldendoodle and had to have one of our own. Would love some input on the crate size, bedding and anything else that would make Max comfortable. He'll be eight weeks old when we get him, so any suggestions and input of any kind would be most welcomed. Thanks again. cj

2nd Goldendoodle?

I have a new doodle...Bella who is 16 weeks old. I am contemplating a second puppy so Bella will always have a friend . Thoughts from other dog owners?

"Terrible Twos" type behavior

Out Jessie is 5-1/2months. He seems to be regressing in his behavior. He is wild and rather disobedient. Is this a phase for his age? Before this he was coming along very well.

Bodhi the Sock Eater!

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Love, love this breed and my Bodhi! He is the best fit for my family. He is now six and a half months old. He survived puppy class and is doing very well in all areas. In the last week he has become a sock eater! Ugh! Despite nagging the heck out of my children they still forget to close doors and pick up after themselves. Who is worse?
Last night Bodhi ate a whole sock, not even chewing it! I keep checking poop but no sock!
I am freaking out and expecting to call the emergency clinic any second because he is going to need to have the sock removed!

Jasper,a Doodle With Heart!

I've been a Golden Doodle owner for 6 years. I bought Jasper while I was at home recuperating from a broken hip. What a crazy time to get a puppy! Jasper was a huge puppy and looked like a large stuffed toy, of course! As Jasper has grown he has become one of the smartest dogs I have ever known. He is loving and follows directions like you wouldn't believe. He is wonderful with my grandchildren and everyone else. I feel truly grateful to have found such a wonderful friend!

Moving? How to Get Your Doodle Comfortable in Your New Home....

Dogs have 220 million scent-detector cells in their noses. They become so used to the smells in your house that they might act differently in a new one. Check to see if the owner had pets inside the house before you let your doodle wander inside it. You shouldn't be surprised if your doodle might pee or poop in open areas to make rooms smell a little more like him because of the former pets. Get some of your doodle's old toys and rub them on the carpet or floor. (clean of course) Your doodle will istantly recognize this scent because it's his own.

I'm thinking of getting a Goldendoodle

I've never had a Goldendoodle and have been checking out the breed. It's hard to find breeders in my area. One website had puppies from Arkansas, but I live in Long Island, NY. I would love to see where the puppies live and meet the parents. I don't think I should just get a puppy off the internet, do you? If anyone can suggest a reputable breeder that they got their dog from, I'd love the recommendation.

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