Does your doodle swim

We have 2 goldendoodles that love to swim and one that is terrified of the water. Any suggestions?

Housebroken Bell Trick!

Have you ever wanted to come up with a way to train your doodle puppy to let you know he/she needs to go outside to go to the bathroom? Instead of barking, here is a more quieter trick to help your puppy deliver the message without loudly getting your attention.

Are Raw Eggs Ok For Doodles?

Turns out, raw eggs are one of the most healthiest treats for your doodle! However, probelms have occured to giving your dog eggs. We are usually worried about salminila or something as simple as it not being easy on your doodle's stomache. Try giving small portions of raw egg on your doodle's food to see how their stomache reacts to it. If all things turn out well, your doodle can eat an entire raw egg! The yoke and whites provide calcium for your doodle's bones and joints, as well as creating a silkier, shiner coat on your doodle! (no lie) The shell has these types of protien as well.

Does Your Doodle Jump?

When goldendoodles jump (on everything) here are a few tips on how to put an end to it.

-your doodle jumps on the dinnertable
Try rubbing vicks rub on the bottom edges of your table. Doodles dont like the smell of it. If your worried about ruining your table, the vicks just comes right off with a paper towel or tissue.

-your doodle jumps on people walking in through the door

Bella is the greatest dog ever!

Hi, I got Bella 4 years ago when she was just 8 weeks old. I must say that she is the best gift that I have EVER recieved! I do everything with her. She is very loving and keeps you going every day. She knows when you are down and comes up and gives you a big kiss! Goldendoodles are smart, fluffy, and talk about a major family pet! Here is her story:

Right time for a dog?

My husband I are empty-nesters this fall. Two of our sons have graduated from college and a son and daughter are currently in college. Although I haven't convinced my husband yet, I would like to get a goldendoodle puppy and train it as a therapy dog. My mother is in an assisted living home and the residents really brighten up when a dog comes to visit. I have spoken to several GD breeders in the past week trying to get to know more about the goldendoodle. I am interested in a non-shedding, low odor dog. I need some advice.

My Goldendoodle Puppy had Leukemia

At 14 weeks old, just 6 weeks after we had brought home our beautiful goodendoodle puppy Bodie, he was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to be put down. We are heartbroken. To make matters worse, the breeder is refusing to honor their 2 year health guarantee saying the cancer was not hereditary and that they delivered us a healthy puppy. In retrospect, the vet said he thought Bodie was very thin at his first well visit, and we noted that he had diarhea throughout his entire, short life. If this were your breeder, would you want to know?

Goldendoodles Have Spring Fever We Should Emulate

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Now that spring has arrived has anybody else noticed a change in their goldendoodle? We certainly have, and it happens at about the same time every year. Our dog has gone crazy, in a good way of course.

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