Reginald Sanchez PUFF Hamilton-Griggs

Reggie is waiting for us in a little town called Straussburg. In exactly a week, Reggie will be a seven week old puppy, seeking for adventure with our six year old golden retriever, Buddy.
I can't wait for Reggie to come into our lives, especially Buddy's. I have been jumping up and down, over controllably excited. I think so has Buddy and the rest of my family.

Chew Proof Dog Beds Are Great For Goldendoodles

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Chew proof dog beds are your best alternative if you are looking for a dog bed for your ‘mouthy’ Goldendoodle. ‘Mouthy’ dogs love to chew on almost everything and need to be properly trained as to what is acceptable for chewing and what is not. Even though you may have convinced your dog to not chew up the furniture or your shoes, a chew proof dog bed is a very good idea since it would only take seconds for a chewing inclined dog to tear a regular dog bed to shreds.

What are Chew Proof Beds Made From?

Man’s Best Friend Dog Training With A Clicker

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Man’s best friend dog training is the best way to assure that your dog is well behaved and obedient.

Just Try To Get Dog Bite Insurance AFTER Attila Bites Mailman!

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Since Attila your lovely, sweet doodle loves to growl and bare her teeth at the mailman, do you find your thoughts turning to buying dog bite Insurance?

You are wise to be looking at dog bite insurance since a dog bite can literally cost you the family farm. If Attila bites someone and causes grievous injury, you may be sued not only for medical expenses but for pain and suffering. You may also have to fight to keep Attila alive since the lawsuit may include a determination of the dog’s fate.

Get Dog Bite Insurance BEFORE you Actually Need It!

Are Non Shedding Dog Breeds The Solution?

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Are you searching among non shedding dog breeds in hopes of finding one that you think you could live with? Does your sister have a dog that leaves a trail of hair everywhere it goes? Does she have to vacuum a spot on the couch for you when you wear your dark slacks to her house? Is the hair issue at your sister’s the situation you are trying to avoid? Well, searching for a non-shedding dog is the right start in the hunt for a dog that will not leave handfuls of hair everywhere it goes.

Is it just the Vacuuming you Dread or are there other Issues?

Custom Dog Beds May be Just What You Need

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There are any numbers of reasons for selecting custom dog beds rather than simply buying one ready made. It could be that your dog has special needs or maybe the bed you think your Golden Retriever would be most comfortable in is not ready made in a size appropriate for her. Your desire for a custom bed for your dog may be as simple as wanting the bed to match the décor of the living room. Whatever your reason for wanting a custom bed for your dog; rest assured that they are readily available and quite affordable.

What Parts of a Dog Bed can be Customized?

How to Get a Dog Insurance Quote

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Have you been pondering insurance for little Coco but just not sure how to go about getting a dog insurance quote? Relax; it is actually quite simple to obtain a pet insurance quote. These days, going online is the most convenient method of getting quotes since you can compare the benefits of different policies without even having to get dressed up or leave home.

What First?

Dog Training Jobs- Are They Right For You?

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As more people realize the importance of dog training, more dog training jobs are opening up. For a dog enthusiast, what better job could there be than working with dogs all day? However, just because you are a dog lover does not necessarily make you a dog trainer so how do you if a dog training job is right for you?

How do I Become a Dog Trainer?

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