If You Have Been Trying To Find Your Large Dog a Comfortable Bed, Go Online Where Dog Beds For Large Dogs Are Easy To Find

Online you will find any number of large dog bed styles made of all sorts of fabrics at very affordable prices.

Oh Come On, Why does Poochie Need a Bed? bowsers donut dog bed

Your pet needs a comfortable place to rest just like you do. Especially large dogs need a comfortable place to “take a load off” and a supportive, comfortable bed is the perfect place for them to relax contentedly. Dogs need to have a place of their own and a bed offers them their own territory in which to lie down and get some R&R. Another reason to get Poochie her own bed is to keep her off yours while you are in it.

Many people allow their dogs to sleep with them only to find later that the dog ends up with the most bed and the people end up with the least sleep. If Poochie has been sleeping with you and you get her a bed of her own, you will see that you get a lot more sleep.

How do I know what Kind Of Bed Poochie should have?

The best way to decide what style of bed your dog would find most comfortable is to observe how they sleep now. Does she curl up and sleep in a ball or does she like to sprawl and stretch out?  Select a bed that is appropriate for her sleeping habits as well as her length and height. In Poochie’s case, since she is a large dog she will need a bed that is extra-supportive and made from high-quality, durable material. Poochie loves to sleep all curled up so for certain she will love a donut shaped bed to nestle in.

A Donut Bed????

A donut bed is not something you will find at Dunkin’ Donuts; instead take a look online at idogbeds.com to find the perfect bed for Poochie, Bowsers Platinum Series Microvelvet Donut Bed. Donut beds are designed with side walls to benefit the dog with extra support as it leans against the side. For larger dogs this support is important to relieve the stress of their large size. Donut shaped beds provide warmth and a soft place to nestle down in for larger dogs.

"Lots of big dogs love a doughnut-shaped bed. A doughnut-shaped large dog bed has side walls a dog can lean against for extra support. This can be key for large breeds that get tired carrying around their heavy bodies all day. Aside from support, doughnut-shaped large dog beds provide warmth and a cozy area for large dogs." idogbeds.com

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All about Bowsers Platinum Series Microvelvet Donut Bed

Bowsers Platinum Series Microvelvet Donut Bed is an award winning oval shaped bed designed with an outer ring (bolster) that provides comfort and a secure feeling for your dog. The tufted cushion can be removed for use in a crate or as a travel bed. The side wall and bottom cushion are filled with 100% memory polyester fiber.

Bowsers Platinum Series Microvelvet Donut Bed is made from microvelvet, a super soft fabric that gives Poochie the softness and comfort she deserves. For you, Bowsers Donut beds are easy to care for, color safe and prewashed. With superior strength zippers for durability, the fabric covers are simple to remove for cleaning. For uniform comfort and the ultimate ‘memory’ 100% virgin polyester fiber fill are certain to provide Poochie with years of luxurious contentment.

Bowsers Platinum Series Microvelvet Donut Bed is versatile and very well built.  The cushion may be taken up and used as a travel bed or for a crate mat. The craftsmanship of the Bowser donut bed is equal to that of fine quality furniture for humans; Bowsers Platinum Series Microvelvet Donut Bed is built for comfort, durability and to be aesthetically pleasing in any home setting.

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The choice of color for Poochie’s donut bed includes pink, wine, walnut, mushroom, sage, puma, eggplant, granite and cashew. There are a variety of sizes to choose from so Poochie will need to be measured to make sure you get the correct size for her. Sizes available include extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.


Bowsers manufactures every product to the very highest of standards and additionally, each product is individually inspected to assure optimal quality. Bowsers Platinum Series Microvelvet Donut Bed material and workmanship come with a one year satisfaction guarantee that assumes normal wear. There is a 30 day return and exchange policy as well.


Price is dependent on the size of bed you select; ranges from $39.99 to $199.99 at idogbeds.com with only $5 shipping regardless of the bed size.

Buy 2!

If you don’t want to drag Poochie’s bed from living room to bedroom every night you might want to consider buying her two beds, one for beside your bed and one for where she spend most of her time during the day, the living room for example. Affordable pricing makes multiple beds a reasonable option.



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