Coat question

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It appears that Gavin is shedding his puppy coat. He is 5.5 months old. The long cream softer hair about his body is coming out in clumps and in the brush. What is replacing it is coarser darker gold hair that is wavy and not as soft to the touch. The coat change seemed to start at the tail which is thick and wavy with no plume and spread down the back toward the head. It is now moving down toward the belly. His head neck and chest are soft and wavy and remain cream coloured (except for his golden ears). Long stray cream hairs stick out randomly like a porcupine. Anyone with this experience? I can't wait to see how he turns out. Hopefully the mad shedding is just temporary. It's different than shedding I've seen with other dogs because it comes out in clumps. He is not leaving a trail of hair where ever he goes so it has been easy to clean up. Feedback would be welcomed!