Looking to purcase a petite or mini goldendoodle



I'm sure you have seen this questions many times but here it goes. I live in Massachusetts and I want to purchase a petite or minigoldendoodle. I have not had any success in finding a breeder?? I would really like to be able to drive somewhere and see the puppies environment and meet the parents of the puppies. Does any know of any good breeders that live near MA. I am willing to drive to NY, CT, RI, VT, MA, NH AND ME. This is so important to me as our last dog was a cockapoo that we purchased from a pet store (that ended up being traced back to a puupy mill in PA) and she was a violent bitter that we spent thousands of dollars with trainers and behaviorist at the MSPCA. I do not want to make the same mistake again!!! I would consider a breeder farther away if several people referred the same breeder.