What do goldendoodle puppies like to eat?

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Hey Dood Friends!

So my Lilah (14 weeks) has been eating Purina One Healthy Puppy dry food. Or at least, that's what we've been putting out for her. She really doesn't seem to like it and only eats it as a last resort. The breeder had been feeding her puppy chow. I have a bag of The Goodlife Recipe for puppies, but she doesn't seem interested in that either. The vet originally told us to mix some wet food with the dry because she was young and kind of slim for his liking. Well, the canned food was also a hit and miss.

So, what I'm wondering...
What dry foods do your puppies like? Are they recommended health wise?
Do you use canned food? What kind?
How often do you feed?

I'm currently free-feeding because she just isn't eating much of what we're giving her. I'm afraid we may be giving her too many treats. How much is too much? Any healthy treats you can give a lot to your dog for training purposes?