There Are Goldendoodle Breeders And There Are Goldendoodle Breeders

Although this may seem a redundant, silly statement; it is a true statement. In every animal breeding industry be it dogs, cats or horses, there are breeders that are in the industry for the love of the dogs and the betterment of the breed and then there are those that are merely in the dog breeding industry for the money. If you are looking for a Goldendoodle, look only for breeders that are knowledgeable, reputable and that legitimately care for their dogs. Look for breeders that care enough to give their dogs the best chances for good, forever homes by giving them a good start in life and socializing them properly.

DO NOT ever Buy from a Puppy Mill

This is one of those rare occasions where it is best to begin by telling you where NOT to buy your Goldendoodle. Never buy from a puppy mill! Furthermore, if you see a puppy in a pet store that you like, research its origins. Many pet store sale puppies come from puppy mills. In case you are unaware of what a puppy mill is, a puppy mill is a breeding facility where selling is the main concern, not the welfare of the animals. Puppy mills breed out of greed and show little if any regard for individual dogs. In general puppies from puppy mills have little socialization and lack interaction skills. Never buy from a puppy mill since it only encourages the breeder to breed more puppies to sell.

With the "what not to do" out of the way we can now go on with how to choose legitimate Goldendoodle breeders from which to buy a puppy.

Pre-Puppy Shopping

Before committing to a Goldendoodle be sure and do your homework. Sure they are darling puppies but hey, they are going to grow up. Make sure that you understand a Goldendoodle's likely adult characteristics (fun, social, intelligent, loving and gentle). They are great family dogs and they are also considered non-shedding or low shedding so are a viable option for a home with allergy sufferers.

Goldendoodle size is dependant on the size of their Poodle parent, standard or miniature. The Golden Retriever parent is generally not a determining factor in Goldendoodle size since Golden Retrievers tend to be fairly size consistent.

Make sure that a Goldendoodle will fit your lifestyle, schedule, energy, activities and the space you have available. Once you have confirmed in your mind that a Goldendoodle is the dog for you, start looking for a breeder from which to obtain your Goldendoodle.

How to go about Locating a Breeder

There are numerous ways to find a breeder, you just want to be sure that the breeder you find is legitimate and cares deeply about the breed and all their individual dogs.

You can go online and search for breeders in the area you are willing to travel for your puppy. Check with your local animal shelters and see if they have any recommendations.

Also ask your veterinarian for recommendations. Look for Goldendoodle rescues in your area; checking with rescues will definitely get you information about various breeders since rescues see first hand the damaging effects that poor breeders have on puppies and adult dogs. Once you have gleaned all the breeder names in your area you are ready to get to the real work of choosing a breeder.

Guidelines for Determining Which Breeder to Deal With

  1. Does the breeder offer to show you the parent dogs? If they do not offer, ask. If the breeder makes an excuse or blows you off, be persistent. It is important to see the parents if at all possible to check their disposition, health and physical characteristics. At the very least the breeder should provide certification attesting to the parent's temperament and health.
  2. Do the breeders interrogate you? Are they interested in your plans for the puppy, do they show concern that you know how to properly care for and raise a Goldendoodle? Do the breeders give you information about the breed and do they offer to help you after selling you the dog? Is there a return policy if the dog should not happen to work out?
  3. As you walk around the facility take note of the conditions in which the dogs are kept. Are the dogs kept in un-crowded, clean, safe, positive environments? Is the welfare of the dog's the breeder's main concern, are they fed well and do they seem well socialized and interact well with each other? Do the dogs seem to have well adjusted, happy Goldendoodle personalities?
  4. Will the breeder show you the dog's medical history? Has the puppy had its shots? Are the breeders forthcoming about any potential genetic abnormalities? Is the breeder willing to provide you with the name of their veterinarian? Be sure to check out any information you are provided.
  5. References are very important. Be sure to ask the breeder for references from previous customers who are satisfied with their Goldendoodles and don’t neglect to contact the references.
  6. Look for a breeder who does not pressure you to make your decision in a hurry. Look for a breeder that make you feel welcome, one who allows you to take your time and encourages you to make as many visits as you need. Also, make sure the breeder you choose to deal with offers a written contract and a written return policy.