Cute and Adorable, Goldendoodle Puppies Are a Joyful Addition to Any Home

What is important though is that you make the right choice if you intend to bring one home as a pet. So, what should you look for in Goldendoodle puppies? Umm, not sure what's a Goldendoodle? Goldendoodle puppies are the result of breeding a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. And yes, they are cute and absolutely adorable.

What Might a Goldendoodle Look Like?

Poodles can be any of a variety of colors such as black, chocolate, white, red, cream, golden and apricot. Golden Retrievers also vary in color from coppery reds to rich golden and even light cream. The coat of a Goldendoodle can take after its Poodle heritage and be tightly curled or it may take after the Golden Retriever side of the family and be soft and silky. A Goldendoodle's coat could also be somewhere in between silky and tightly curled and wind up with a wonderful wavy appearance.

Not only do coat type and color vary in Goldendoodles, so does their size. Color and size are both dependent on the genetic background of the parent dogs. The size of Goldendoodles is primarily determined by the Poodle parent; whether the Poodle parent is a Standard or a Miniature Poodle greatly influences the adult size of Goldendoodles. There are some Golden Retrievers that are bred to be larger in size than the breed standard describes. Large bred Golden Retrievers in the pedigree also significantly influence the adult size of a Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle breeders that have been in business for some time know what to expect from their breeding dogs and can fairly well predict what puppies will turn out like. After all, they invest a lot of time and energy into dreaming up the "golden cross". The "golden cross" is that male and female pair which consistently produce the best quality puppies with the most perfect characteristics and personalities. Online you will find many breeders that claim to have found the perfect cross and that their puppies are nothing short of perfection.

Other Than Cute, what do you Look for in a Goldendoodle puppy?

When you are looking for a Goldendoodle pup, there are a few things you will want to look for to assure that your new family member will adjust and fit right in. You may already have an idea of what gender, color and size dog you would like so that gives you a good start. You will want to look at the parents if possible to see for yourself what their dispositions and physical traits are like.

Pay attention to how the puppies interact with people as well as each other. If the puppy you are interested in is under 8 weeks old, is it still with its mother? You can even perform a very subtle aggression test to gauge the temperament of the puppies. Don't simply fall for the first cute face you see. Spend some time with all the puppies and get a real feel for which puppy/puppies you are partial to or those that may be partial to you.

Importance of Interaction and Socialization

Puppies are social creatures by nature; more precisely they are pack animals. In nature, canines form a pack with a very strong social hierarchy and pack structure. As pups they learn the "rules" of the pack and their place within its structure; all through interaction within the pack. Goldendoodles are no different; they need interaction and socialization to learn the rules of their pack and their place within it.

Puppies need to be exposed lovingly to people, noises, riding in vehicles and other types of animals if possible so that they become adjusted and used to new things coming their way. A well adjusted, well socialized puppy is the best puppy you can select and take into your home. They have confidence and are less fretful than puppies that have not been socialized properly.

Look for a puppy that is not overly shy. Shy puppies can become "fear biters" and if you have children this can be a bad mix. You may also want to avoid the litter bully as most likely the puppy will have dominance issues and may be hard to train. Look for a puppy that plays with the other pups and shows interest in its surroundings. Puppy play is how puppies establish their pack order within the litter and it is an important part of their development as well as a huge step towards being well adjusted.

Still with Mama?

If you are looking at very young puppies that are under 8 weeks old, do not even consider them if they are not still with their mother. Puppies taken from their mother and littermates before 8 weeks of age are often not well adjusted and do not bond well with others. Additionally they are very likely to not get on well with other dogs.

Simple Test for Aggression

Test a puppy's temperament for aggressive tendencies by rolling it over onto its back and gently scratching its belly. Expect some mild struggling at first as the puppy tries to turn itself upright but as you continue to gently scratch or stroke its belly and chest, the puppy should relax and become quite calm. Once they have become calm, stop stroking and draw your hand back. A calm temperament puppy will remain in a somewhat transfixed state of relaxation for a brief period before flipping over and tearing off to play some more. A dominant, aggressive puppy will fail to relax and will struggle to be released.

Avoid Puppy Mills

Sadly there are multitudes of unscrupulous dog breeders that only breed their dogs for the money they represent and show little genuine care and concern for their animals. Puppies from these puppy mills are cute like all other puppies but they are "damaged goods" even at a very young age due to lack of socializing and human contact. Avoid puppy mills; buy Goldendoodle pups only from reputable breeders.