Goldendoodle Rescue Groups Are Committed to Rescuing Goldendoodles in Need of Help.

To maximize the chances of these dogs finding a forever home, Goldendoodle Rescue groups save them and work to find them a loving, proper forever home. Too many times Goldendoodles are brought into a home without their owner’s having the vaguest concept of what is entailed in owning and properly caring for a Goldendoodle. As a consequence many of these wonderful dogs wind up in shelters, foster care or with Goldendoodle rescue groups that are committed to ensuring that this breed gets the tender loving care they so deserve.

What is a Goldendoodle?

When a Golden Retriever is crossed with a Poodle, the resulting puppies are a crossbreed known as the Goldendoodle. It is one of the latest “designer” breeds. They are not and most likely never will be, recognized as a pure breed.

What are the Physical Characteristics of a Goldendoodle?

The physical size of a Goldendoodle is largely dependant on which breed size of Poodle is in its pedigree; toy, miniature or standard. Goldendoodles range in height from 13”-24” at the shoulder and weigh in anywhere from15-90 pounds. Their coat is generally of medium length and may be wavy to quite curly. Goldendoodles have a 10-15 year life expectancy.

Goldendoodle Characteristics

With Poodles and Golden Retrievers for parents, the Goldendoodle cannot help but be sweet, intelligent, affectionate, playful and gentle dogs. They are outstanding as a family dog. Their coat requires little care as they are not copious shedders; they shed very little.

These are very versatile dogs, finding use as therapy, service and guide dogs. As an agility dog, the Goldendoodle does well and seems to thrive on the challenge. Due to their need for exercise Goldendoodles do best in homes with active, outdoor-activity oriented persons.

Goldendoodles need daily hearty exercise. If they do not receive adequate exercise, pent up energy may manifest itself with excessive digging, chewing, barking and other noxious activities. They are not good as watch or guard dogs. As a crossbreed between two “bred for hunting” breeds, the Goldendoodle is considered a “mouthy” breed.  Goldendoodles should be taught from the beginning not to chew on people; divert their attention and teach them it is OK to chew on toys.  They are NOT suited to apartment living.

What is Goldendoodle Rescue?

A Goldendoodle Rescue group is a group dedicated to rescuing Goldendoodles in need. The dogs may already be in a shelter or foster care situation or they may be in a situation where the owner can no longer care for the dog. The goal of the rescue organization is to legally gain custody of those Goldendoodles in need of saving, to re-train if necessary and to place the dogs in appropriate forever homes.

Not only do the rescue organizations help the dogs in need but they assist owners as well. If an owner is having problems with their Goldendoodles (training, behavioral etc) the organization will work with dog and owner in an attempt to educate the owner about the dog and to re-educate the dog; in other words to assist in creating a good home situation for both the humans and the dogs.

If an owner is going through a temporary hard time and unable to care for their Goldendoodle, rescue groups commonly financially assist the owner so that they do not have to surrender their beloved companion.

Rescue groups provide support for those who adopt rescued Goldendoodles. Often rescue dogs suffer from anxiety and stress from having their world turned upside down. The groups work tirelessly to assure that the dogs they save are well matched to their new homes and that they adjust well.

The primary focus of all animal rescue groups is to rescue animals in need, to rehabilitate them if necessary and then to find them a forever home so that they never need to be traumatized by further re-homing.

What’s the Big Deal?

By the time a Goldendoodle is taken into a rescue group, it has been through at least one unsuccessful homing experience. The rescue group is important in educating potential new owners about the breed’s needs and characteristics and what to reasonably expect from their new dog. Rescue groups are very successful in increasing the chances that owners will adopt a dog right for their circumstance. In so doing, the chances of the dog being “returned to the system” and losing its home again are nearly eliminated.

What if I want to Adopt a Goldendoodle from a Rescue?

Before you adopt any breed, it is crucial that you research its needs and characteristics. The worst thing you can do for a dog is to take it home, keep it long enough for it to bond and then surrender it. So, do your research to ensure a Goldendoodle is really the dog for you and that you have the proper type home to offer. Go online to find rescue groups near you. Contact them to discuss your circumstances and they will help match you to the best companion you could wish for.