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How to Choose the Best Dog Treats

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Dog treats are used to reward your pet for a job well done. They are used in training sessions, when playing and sometimes when you feel your pet simply deserves something special. Certain types of snacks and treats can help to keep your pet's teeth clean and reduce bad breath. When you look for snacks and treats for your dog you'll see a variety of brands, shapes and sizes making it a little difficult to decide which ones would be the best.

Air Conditioned Dog Houses

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When you live in a climate with long dry summers, then you can see why air conditioned dog houses would be a great idea. In some states the temperatures can reach above 100 degrees and stay that way for long periods of time. If your dog stays outside, these temperatures can cause him to have serious health problems. He could suffer a heat stroke and death from over exposure to heat is very common.

Tips for Obtaining Dog Walker Insurance

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Dog walking is a great business that any dog lover can enjoy doing. There are many people who simply don't have time to take their dog out for a walk but that doesn't change the fact the dog needs his exercise. In some areas, dog walkers are in high demand which makes it a competitive business. Having dog walker insurance will put you one step ahead of rest because it tends to make pet owners feel more at ease.

Goldendoodles and Other Dogs: Questions and Answers

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There are many situations where your Goldendoodle will encounter other dogs and many new pet owners don't have a clue how to introduce the dogs for the first time. There may be times when you have a friend or family member that wants to bring their dog with them when they visit. This can be a difficult process and if not done correctly, there could be problems. Here are a few important questions and answers that new pet owners have that should help to make the first meeting go much smoother.

Guide Dogs and Disability

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Most of us have heard of guide dogs and how they help people with disabilities and many of us may have seen them at some point. When you have a disability, such as being visually impaired, it can often leave you feeling like you are isolated from society or somehow different from other people.

It’s very common for people with disabilities to feel isolated or lonely. This is another way in which guide dogs can help. In addition to providing much needed assistance, they also provide companionship.

What is a Goldendoodle - Everything You Need to Know about this Designer Dog Breed

Are you considering getting a Goldendoodle or just someone curious about exactly what this new popular breed is? You’re not alone if you’ve heard the term and asked “Golden-what?”  We’re going to help clear up the confusion regarding this elite breed of dog so you can walk away feeling like an expert even if you’ve never seen a Goldendoodle before now.

How To Treat Hip Dysplasia In Your Growing Goldendoodle

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Hip Dysplasia is an inherited disease that affects the hip joints. Often appearing in breeds that are large or go through a period of rapid growth, this form of osteoarthritis can cause a loss of cartilage, bone damage, joint spurs and inflammation.

Understanding The Differences Between The Goldendoodle and The Labradoodle

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If you’re interested in one of the new crossbred dogs that are gaining in popularity all over the country for your family, chances are you’ve narrowed it down to the goldendoodle and labradoodle. Arguably the most popular in the new wave of “designer mutts,” these two breeds have a lot going for them, but don’t assume that just because they have similar backgrounds, they are interchangeable breeds. “There’s a very distinct difference between labradoodles and goldendoodles,” said Beth Lane, the founder of the Indiana Doodle Owners Group.

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