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sleeping through the night

I have a 6 month old Goldendoodle. She became a family member at 8 weeks of age and by 11 weeks was sleeping through the night and telling us when she needed to go outside to use the bathroom. But for the past 2 months she has been waking me at 3am, 4am and around 6am to go outside. She runs to her spot, pees and/or poops and rushes back in and to the bedroom where she stays quiet till the next time. I've stopped feeding her after 4pm, pick up the water bowl at 6pm, have tried crating her and ignoring her whimpers (oh, so hard) and she has been checked for a UTI. Negative.

We cannot take the biting and barking ANYMORE


Does anyone know how to teach a golden doodle to do that 360 degrees jump? I saw a video with a 'dancing' goldendoodle and he would jump 360 either left or right when the 'lead' dancer would wave her hand in each direction. so cute...

Dog Training Toys Can Be Very Useful

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There are many different techniques used for training a dog and one of them involves dog training toys. Training your dog is an essential part of being a dog owner. You need to teach them all the basic commands and you may even want to add in a few tricks to show off how smart your pet really is.

Basic Leash Training Tips for Your Dog

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Teaching your dog to walk on a leash is an important part of dog training. There will be many times when you'll need to take your pet outside and around others. Letting him run lose is not a good idea nor is it safe. He could run out in front of a car or engage in a fight with someone else's pet. This is especially true if you're unsure of how your dog will respond when put in a social environment. Therefore, leash training is a must.

Dog Training at Home: What to Look For

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Training your dog is a very important part of being a dog owner and you have several options to choose from. For example, you can hire a professional training service or use a variety of techniques to learn dog training at home. If you choose to train your pet yourself, it's important that you do it the right way. When you begin to research the subject, you'll find many books, websites and videos that give you step by step instructions.

The Dog Barking Device: Is It Your Best Option?

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The dog barking device was designed to help control dogs that bark excessively. There are a number of different designs available today. When dogs bark too much everyone will agree that it can be very disturbing. At night they keep everyone in the neighbourhood awake and something has to be done about the noise. This is especially true if you live within the city limits where noise laws are in effect.

How to Teach Your Goldendoodle His Name

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