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Daly in cageHello!

If you're new to goldendoodle ownership, there's no doubt you are feeling a little insecure at the moment. Trying to come up with ways to make sure your new best friend feels right at home in your home isn't always easy.

Make no mistake, bringing a new puppy or dog into a home whether he or she is a goldendoodle or not involves a period of adjustment and simply some time for everyone to learn to mesh together well. When you make the right efforts, you'll find your goldendoodle will thrive in your home and will quickly become a cherished member of your family.

It can help immensely, however, to make sure your goldendoodle has a place to call his or her own. Trust me, I know!

When I brought my mini goldendoodle Daly home, I worried myself sick trying to discover the best way to keep him happy and secure when I wasn't able to be around to supervise. We also ran into some problems when I was home and I simply needed a place for him to feel secure when people came over or if he needed a place to go for discipline.

Feeling frustrated, I turned to the Internet for help. After much research, I came across They had exactly what I was looking for and precisely what Daly needed – the perfect dog crate to call his own. In fact, they offered a number of crates perfect for breeds of all sizes. For my purposes, I narrowed it down to four of the best – Precision 36-inch Deluxe Great Dog Crate, the Kennel-Aire Extra Large Remington Plastic Carrier, the Bone Voyage Pup Tent, and the Midwest 42-inch Life Stages Fold/Carry Dog Crate w/ Divider.

precision 36 inch deluxe crate
airline approved extra large remington plastic carrier
bone voyage pup tent
42in life stages fold carry dog crate

I also found that if I really wanted to spoil may best friend (which of course I did), that offered some incredible accessories that could help make certain Daly would be comfortable when I was away. We found special bedding for his crate and even cratewear covers to make his surroundings more posh. He couldn't have been happier (and neither could I)!

xl casual cratewear

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Daly and I ended up deciding on two different kinds of crates. We use a wire dog crate when I am not at home to serve as his security zone. We also have a smaller, hard plastic crate that we keep in our bedroom to serve as his snoozing den at night. While this works well for Daly, your goldendoodle's needs might be a little different. It is very important to determine exactly what you need a crate or crates to be used for before selecting a design. Ask yourself will you be using a crate in the house? Outside? As a home for your dog to escape to? The answers will guide you to the perfect selection.

As the publisher of, you'll find I'm a huge dog lover. My personal belief is that a happy dog makes a happy owner. For Daly and I, the dog crates were the perfect solution to our problems. They give me the peace of mind to know that Daly is safe and secure while I am away. In turn, they provide him with a comfort zone. The decision to use a dog crate has provided Daly a sense of security and confidence. This, after all, is what we good dog owners strive for, so I couldn't be happier!

My discovery of was a real lifesaver for Daly and I, which is why I want to share it with you. This site and its products are topnotch and stand out for a number of reasons. Daly and I are both sold on because they offer: also makes it easy for Goldendoodle lovers to make sure their furry friends have the security they need. The site offers crates in all price ranges from $20 on up to $800 and accepts everything from PayPal and Google Checkout to Visa, MasterCard and more. They also offer a 90-day no payment plan and gift cards, too. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day no-hassle return policy, Daly and I couldn't be happier.Plus, with some items coming without sales tax and plenty of deals in the Super Sale Shop, we've found that offers savings as much as 50% over retail prices and the shipping costs are free or very low.

When Daly and I both needed peace of mind, delivered. We couldn't be more pleased and we know that you and your goldendoodle will find dog crates provide a great solution to common adjustment problems.

While we don't know if every dog gets it day, we do know that every dog needs its own space!

Best regards to you and your goldendoodle,

John Bolt and Daly

P.S. To explore what Daly and I have discovered about the benefits of dog crates, don't forget to click on the links so you can see these peace-of-mind delivering products yourself!

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