Editor John Bolt

Dog Lover Shares His Passion For Goldendoodles With The World

John and goldendoodle Daly

John Bolt is a mild-mannered employee of one of Canada's largest retailers by day and a part-time entrepreneur by night, working in his home office in the affiliate marketing field. He is, however, a goldendoodle fan around the clock.

Thanks to John's four-legged best friend, Daly, he's learned first-hand the joys of owning a mini goldendoodle. He loved the idea of having a dog for a pet and brought Daly home a year ago. Although enamored by this unique hybrid breed, John soon learned there was much more to goldendoodle ownership than feeding, walking and petting his new friend.

John's discovered there are some major challenges that come along with these wonderful animals. Despite the trials, he's also learned that nothing beats walking through the front door at the end of a long day to the unconditional love and sheer excitement that Daly never fails to deliver. It is thanks to the incredible experiences that John and Daly have had together that he decided to create this site, dedicated to everything goldendoodle.

As one of the newer hybrids, goldendoodles are somewhat of a mystery to many would be and current owners. Through these pages, John strives to share the possibilities of goldendoodle ownership with others and help elevate the status of this breed. It is his desire to give all current and future doodle owners the best possible, most relevant information in a single location. Visitors will also find a tight-knit community is available on this site that they can learn from and share with.

It is John's belief that the experiences goldendoodle owners face are mere stepping stones of learning on the way to greater things. With a positive attitude and confidence, anyone can tackle goldendoodle problems and forge a loving and strong relationship with their dog.

John and his wife, Carolee, live in Cambridge, Ontario, with their beloved Daly. When John's not working or spending time with his family, he loves to play golf, chat with friends, cook and read. John's mission is to use his creativity in everything he does to help make things special for other people and to make a difference in their lives. It is his sincere desire to make a valuable resource for goldendoodle lovers everywhere.