Are You Looking For The Best In Outdoor Dog Houses For Your Goldendoodle Dizzy?

Extreme outback log cabin with black trimAs much as you don’t really want to do it, your pet is going to spend some winter days in the fenced backyard instead of inside the nice warm house. You have a part time job that requires you to be gone a few hours a couple times a week and you know Dizzy will create a pretty horrific crime scene in her wake if left inside alone. After all, that’s how she earned her name. So, the smartest thing to do would be to look for the best dog house possible to ensure she stays warm, dry and cozy while you are gone.

Where to Start the Doghouse Search

Dizzy is about 50 pounds and medium build so you will want to make sure to search for a doghouse that fits her size. You can either spend a lot of time and money in your search running from street store to street store or you can shop from the comfort of home online. One of the best websites to shop is where you can find a wide selection of doghouses of all types at very affordable prices.

What would Dizzy choose for herself?

Since Dizzy is of medium size with a coat that will withstand some cold weather (thanks to her parents, a Golden Retriever and a Poodle) she would wisely select the Extreme Outback Log Cabin with Black Trim.

Why would she Choose This Dog House?

Dizzy, being a wise dog looking out for her own interests would choose this dog house because it is naturally weather resistant as it is made of solid fir-wood.  It has a slant roof finished with weatherproof asphalt shingles, an all important raised floor and it comes in her size, medium as well as small and large for other dogs.  

Dizzy also likes the beauty of the two-tone finish and she knows the waterproof plastic caps that cover and protect the feet of her house are important in providing protection from moisture and making her house last a long time. Being considerate of her owner, the Extreme Outback Log Cabin with Black Trim features easy 3-step, 20 minute assembly. Everyone ends up happy with this great doghouse that is perfect for extreme climates.


  • Small House: External Size; 34”L x 25”W x 22”H, Internal: 29”L x 19.5”W x 15”H Door opening: 8.7”W x 13” H
  • Medium House: External Size; 46”L x 27”W x 28”H, Internal: 40”L x 21”W x 19.5”H Door opening: 12.6”W x 18.7”H
  • Large House: External Size; 46”L x 33”W x 33”H, Internal: 41”L x 30”W x 24”H Door opening: 14.2”W x 24.25”H

Extreme outback log cabin different views

Other Advantages of the Extreme Outback Log Cabin with Black Trim

As if the features above were not enough, the Extreme offers an offset door so that Dizzy can turn around easily; it also allows the ultimate protection from the weather. There are optional accessories that make the Extreme Outback Log Cabin the pinnacle of doghouse winter comfort.

If you are worried that Dizzy may get cold in her house, you can buy an insulation kit to completely insulate her cabin for only $ or you can go all out and for only $89.99 you can put a thermostatically controlled doghouse furnace heater in her house.  Both of these options are available at at these incredible prices and with only $5 shipping.

Can Dizzy Chew the Wood of her Dog House?

No, try as she may, she will not be able to chew her new house to pieces. The corner molding placed at all seams inside and out protect the wood from her teeth. She cannot access the wood to chew it. The Extreme Outback Log Cabin features the application of much thought and dog knowledge in the design that allows for maximum canine comfort and minimum risk of destruction by Dizzy.

Yard décor

Dizzy won’t be the only one to like her dog house. While most outdoor dog houses are rather plain or even built from left over materials, The Extreme Outback Log Cabin with Black Trim is a beautiful piece of yard décor. The fine solid fir used to make the dog house is attractive and will add natural beauty to any yard.


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