With ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ As Your Guide You Will Learn Step By Step How to Stop Dog Barking and Regain Control of Your Dog.

Just imagine how pleasant it will be to walk down the sidewalk and not have your Goldendoodle Sasha launching into a barking fit with every person or moving thing she sees. Your dream of taking a peaceful walk with Sasha can become a reality if you follow the proven training methods set forth in ‘Secrets to Dog Training’.

Dog Training is not Rocket Science

While dog training is not rocket science most canine professionals would consider dog training a behavioral science. The basis of ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ is the understanding of how dogs think. Once you understand how dogs view their world you can communicate with them in a way they understand and training will become much easier to accomplish.

What’s Alpha got to do with it?

Before you can be successful training your dog you needs your dog's respect, you need to establish yourself as the Alpha leader of the pack you and your dog form. Many forms of undesirable behaviors come about when the human fails to take the lead and the dog fills the leadership void. The dog needs to understand that he is not the leader; You are.

Why do Dogs Bark?

You could say dogs bark because that is how we humans wanted them to behave in the beginning. When our ancestors first domesticated dogs they valued the barking ability of dogs as a built in alert system; even today many people have dogs in the home to alert them in case of intruders. When comparing modern breeds for barking tendencies, those breeds bred to be watch or guardian dogs are the heaviest barkers.

There are many additional reasons why dogs bark; they bark to get attention, they bark to alert, they bark to greet you when you come home from work, they bark to say "hi" to Bowser down the street, and then there are dogs that simply seem to enjoy talking. There are about as many reasons for dogs to bark as there are dogs. There are dogs that suffer from obsessive or pathological behaviors that lead to incessant, extremely problematic barking.

Secrets to Dog Training’ will teach you how to determine what sort of barker your beloved Goldendoodle Sasha is; does she barks from fear, loneliness, anxiety, excitement, boredom or to alert you?

It takes you by the hand, shows you step by step some of the easiest and most unique methods to stop your dog from barking.

What First?

‘Secrets to Dog Training’ will guide you step by stop through eliminating the obvious reasons for barking such as: Are they hungry? Are they left along for long hours? Their barking may simply mean they need to go potty after being in too long. It may be that Sasha needs some exercise to get rid of some pent up energy. Make sure your dog gets plenty of attention and exercise and is not hungry. If your dog continues to bark some training is in order.

Before Training Can Begin

Before you can begin to train your dog and stop her barking it is necessary to determine why she is barking excessively. ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ you will teach you that there are two basic causes for barking, internal and external stimuli. An internal stimulus for barking would be one such as separation anxiety. An external stimulus would be when Sasha sees a kid whizzing down the sidewalk in front of your house on a skateboard and responds with barking an alert.

OK, We know that Sasha Barks at External Stimuli- What Now?

Often a little common sense can take care of barking problems causes by external stimuli. Say Sasha barks every time someone knocks on the door, but not when they use the door bell. Why not simply put a little sign that asks visitors not to knock but to please use the bell? Removing the external stimulus often removes the problem.

But what if Sasha Barks because she wants Attention?

While perusing ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ you will learn there are two ways to address this type of barking. Whichever technique you decide to use, be consistent. You can ignore the “I demand attention” barking until it subsides at which point you reward and praise the quiet behavior, positive reinforcement works wonders rather quickly. The other option is to take your dog’s snout firmly in both your hands and calmly say “no” or “shh”. Give positive reinforcement (praise and reward) when the dog settles and is quiet.

Tip: Did you know that your dog may be talking back to you? If you give your dog a command and he barks at you right after the command, he is talking back! This is a sure sign he views himself the Alpha.

So Much More!

This has only been a glimpse into how to stop dog barking. For in depth, step by step guidance in training, ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ is full of proven techniques to make your relationship with man’s best friend rewarding for both you and your dog. If your dream is to have an obedient, well behaved companion sharing your home, “Secrets to Dog Training” will walk you through achieving your ultimate goal.

How do I get ‘Secrets to Dog Training’

You don’t just "get" ‘Secrets to Dog Training’, you become a member. When you become a member you will be able to download the entire 260 reference training book ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ which addresses more than 25 canine behavioral issues. You will have access to (and can download) the 30 minute training video showing you how to apply the techniques discussed in the book. With real case studies and the best proven training techniques currently available, a membership in ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ only makes sense for anyone encountering dog behavior problems that need addressed. To join simply go online to kingdomofpets.com; if you wish to give it a try before you join, take advantage of the six day free trial. Every day you will receive another chapter full of very useful information covering such problems as barking and leash pulling. If the website does not convince you to become a member, the six day trial surely will.

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