Tips for Taking Care of Your New Goldendoodle Pup

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After a puppy reaches eight weeks old, they're ready to be adopted by their new family. No doubt this has been a long eight weeks for you as you anticipated the arrival of your new Goldendoodle into your home. Now the day has finally arrived and if you're like most new pet owners, you don't have a clue what to do now. A new puppy is lots of fun but they're also lots of hard work.

If you think that all you need to do is buy some puppy food, keep fresh water on hand, give him shelter and play whenever you're ready, you're in for a big surprise. A new puppy can be very demanding and they need lots of attention. Of course, your puppy does need all of these basics plus regular visits to the veterinarian but they need so much more. The following tips can help you get started.

Tips for caring for your new pup:

• Puppy proof the area where your new pup will be staying. They can be seriously hurt if they chew on plastic bags or swallow foreign objects.
• Be prepared to hear your pup whine and cry a lot, even in the middle of the night. Some cry more than others but all of them will take spells when introduced to a new home that's so strange to them.
• Begin training your Goldendoodle puppy simple things as soon as you get home. This includes where they will eat and drink, sleep and which parts of the home they have free reign over and the areas where they're not allowed.
• Provide your pup with chew toys that he can play with to help crave his desire for chewing. This way, he won't be as temped to take over your personal items such as clothing and shoes.
• Give him something to cuddle up with like an old blanket or shirt. This will give him a way to stay close to you when you're not at home.
• Don't give in every time your pup whimpers. He has to learn that he can't have everything his way.
• Above all, have lots of patience and provide your Goldendoodle pup with lots of love.

Once you and your new Goldendoodle pup have had time to get acquainted and some ground rules have been put in place, you can begin taking him out to socialize with other people and animals. For example, go for a walk around the block or visit the park.

If you're not ready to be committed to spending time with your new puppy or you're not able to give the attention they need, don't bring him into your home. Both you and the puppy will be stressed out in no time at all and it's not good for either one of you. When cared for properly and loved, your Goldendoodle pup will grow to be your best friend and they will always be loyal to you.